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Suture for dental implant surgery


Biotex™ Non-Resorbable PTFE Suture is comprised of a single-arm, non-resorbable monofilament suture with a stainless-steel surgical needle connected to the suture. The suture is uncoated, undyed and sterile for single use only, composed of 100% PTFE.



Biotex™ Main Features & Benefits

1. Slim reverse cutting needle tip
Precisions slim cut trianglar needle for small penetration area and smooth suturing.
Minimize damage to surrounding soft tissue.

2. Strong Attachment
Advanced technology for strong needle attachment.
Smooth and firm connection between needle and thread.
Rapid healing process due to the reduced bleeding from needle insertion.

3. Strong Needle
33% higher strengths are required to bend needle in same degree compared to other product.
No worry to be bent of needle during the suturing with its high rigidity.


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