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Non-resorbable PTFE membrane


Make smart decision with smart alternative!

Membrane is composed of 100% polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) sheet and grade 1 titanium frame, which are biologically inert and tissue compatible. OpenTex™-TR with titanium frame is designed to have a suitable surface structure and porosity to prevent integration and passage of bacteria within the interstices of the material, while maintaining space for host cells adhesion to the device.

OpenTex™ Main Features

OpenTex™ Benefits

1. Optimal rigidity and strength for space making
OpenTex™-TR is optimal product which is able to be trimmed easily and it is solid enough for space making since it is reinforced with titanium frame.

2. Diverse embedded titanium frame
OpenTex™-TR is designed in various shapes to meet surgeon’s demand.

3. Excellent tissue interaction
Its micro porous structure helps the tissue interaction.

4. Easy of use
OpenTex™-TR can be trimmed easily and also removed easily.


Characteristics of OpenTex-TR™

  • Membrance can be molded and shaped for tenting and space maintenance.
  • The rigidity of the membrane is enhanced to be used for space maintenance.
  • Provides additional stability in large, non-space-making osseous defects.
  • Provide with little memory of Titanium frame, which enables easy placement of the membrane.
  • Ability to withstand exposure.


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