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Blocks pain from injection and provides endodontic irrigation, all in one instrument (USA)

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VibraJect® efficiently blocks the intensive pain caused by the needle prick. The instrument’s mechanism of operation is based on the “Gate Control Theory” published by researchers Ronald Melzack and Patrick Wall in 1962.

The system applies a high-frequency vibration generated by the VibraJect® instrument that is attachable to any type of syringe. The vibration stimulates nonnociceptive fibres, thus blocking the transmission of sharp pain signals to the brain. In addition to the traditional “blocking” of pain, the method is also highly efficient in terms of such admittedly painful injections as intra-ligamental and palatinal local anaesthetics, for example.

Dual functionality for utmost efficiency! Besides the above, VibraJect® can also be highly efficient in endodontic treatments as well. Many studies and treatises have demonstrated that the utilization of this instrument allows for a soft yet more efficient removal of necrotic tissues from the root canal wall when it is irrigated after the root treatment.

VibraJect® allows for a stress-free treatment of children and adults with needle phobia.


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