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High-performance Galilean loupes with 2.5x, 2.7x, 3.2x magnification; prismatic loupes with 4.0x and 5.5x magnification and crisp edge-to-edge clarity, TTL (Through-The-Lens) loupes with Orchid PowerLight HD LED lights or with the latest development, the cordless Butterfly lights, customizable with external and/or internal dioptric adjustment.

After a preliminary assessment, the future user of the loupe receives a custom made device with the user’s preferred personal parameters (interpupillary and working distance).

Among Galilean loupes, this device offers a lightweight yet robust solution with an outstanding quality and price/value ratio as well as optional changes such as eye prescription available. The optional controllable LED light provides an excellent illumination for the operation area. The 2.5x magnification is recommended for general dental treatments while the 3.2x magnification is ideal for preservative and endodontic therapies or micro-surgical interventions.

Dr. Bálint Molnár DMD, PhD (Periodontology Clinic, Faculty of Dentistry, Semmelweis University)
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Flip-up loupe

High-performance loupes with 2.5x and 3.2x magnification; adjustable and therefore usable for several different users; delivered with a 60000-lux Orchid PowerLight HD LED light on demand.


Since it can be utilized by multiple users, it requires only a smaller one-time investment and represent an excellent price/value ratio.

Flip-up loupe

PowerLight HD LED lighting

Admetec Orchid PowerLight HD LED professional loupe light with 60000-lux brightness. Equipped with the 2 Li-Po rechargeable batteries included, it can provide 12 hours of uninterrupted lights at maximum brightness.

The lighting set includes the light source, 2 Li-Po rechargeable batteries, a rotatable ring composite filter as well as a recharger and a convenient, practical bag for carrying any type of loupe.


It is also available in the Orchid-F version that is equipped with a button-operated white/yellow LED anti-curing filter.


Admetec launched its latest, most practical and cordless light source under the Butterfly name.

PowerLight HD LED lighting

TTL loupes

Galilean optical lenses with 2.5x, 2.7x, 3.2x magnification; prismatic optical lens pair with 4.0x and 5.5x magnification, delivered with individual custom setting (interpupillary and working distance).


On demand, we deliver the loupes with external and/or internal dioptric adjustment according to a recent eye prescription.


Based on the customer’s requests, we supply our loupes with 60000-lux Orchid PowerLight HD LED or with the brand new cordless 35000-lux Butterfly lights.

TTL loupes

Admetec loupes with lighting

Admetec TTL and Flip-up loupes, equipped with Orchid PowerLight HD LED lights, ensure maximum comfort for their users. The perfect harmony between the loupe and the light source help therapists in their healing work.


Selected based on the required magnification, interpupillary distance and the pre-assessed working distance, the loupe functions in perfect harmony with the chosen light source.


Beside ensuring the adequate magnification and sufficient illumination for the operation area, the combination of the loupe and the light also protects users’ back, neck and lower back from the necessary and unfortunately inevitable bending and hunching.


Due to the latest developments, the loupe can now be ordered with a completely cordless, high-tech 35000-lux Butterfly solution, an innovative light source allowing for continuous operation.

Admetec loupes with lighting
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